Kudrat Coconut

Coconut Water

Tropical tender coconut water with No preservatives, No artificial flavoring, No artificial colour.

Elements of Healthy Lifestyle

Replenish Body & Mind with Natural Goodness

Rich in electrolytes & minerals

excellent hydration

Amazing benefits of coconut water

for pregnancy

Natural healthy beverage for children

Canape & mocktail from coconut

water powder

Convenient natural coconut water sachet

♥ Full of Electrolytes which helps in Dehydration ♥ Alkalizing and helps in balancing PH  ♥ Soothes Urinary track infections and act as urinary antiseptic  ♥ Contains Minerals, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin C and B Complex  ♥ Low in calories and Cholesterol Free  ♥ Boosts Metabolism  ♥ Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal


Multi Usage

Malaysia Produce


Precise & prompt services

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